MILWAUKEE — Families looking for a safe place for your kids to learn and grow, look no further. A new daycare facility opened on Milwaukee’s east side and they care for all walks of life.

For Latoya Matthes, finding a place her son could learn and be safe was top priority.

“Yes, yes, I’m very happy this place exists,” said Latoya Matthews, son attends New Horizon Daycare.

Matthews says her son, Jayden, has flourished since his participation at New Horizon Daycare.

“It’s safe for them, It’s a place where they can go instead of doing other things outside of the school,” Matthews said.

And that’s exactly what New Horizon Daycare Co-Owner, Olivia El-Amino, was hoping for.

“We usually don’t have something this large and spacious available to children in undeserved communities,” said El-Amino.

The daycare is a sub-part to the New Horizon Center — a community outreach program that has worked with teens and adults for 30 years. They have now expanded their resources and added the daycare.

“We are a multicultural, multiracial environment so our arms are open and our environment is open to everyone who wants to come,” said El-Amino.

They work with children from 6 months to 12 years old and some with special needs.

“The kids with special needs have an opportunity for outside resources coming in to help them to build on their core skills, to build on their communication skills,” said El-Amino.

Program directors want this to become a safe haven for children who may find themselves on the streets.

“They can being to relax, they can being to come in and be themselves. They don’t have to be that strong, kids, they don’t have to be that fighter any longer,” El-Amino said.

The facility is open year round from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

New Horizon also offers transportation and food services. They are looking to expand even more and open night time care.

For more information on New Horizon Daycare, CLICK HERE.